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For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. Therefore, the purchase or sale of residential real estate is a serious undertaking that requires strict attention to every detail. Parsons & Nardelli offers this high-level attention to our residential real estate clients in Red Bank and the surrounding areas.

Our firm offers more than 45 years of experience, professionalism and advocacy in cases involving residential real estate, and we also handle commercial property purchases. We can draft your contract, review the terms of your deal and conduct your closing to ensure a smooth, worry-free transaction.

Should you encounter a dispute, our dedicated attorneys protect your interests. Our decisive approach can often save a deal from falling apart if you want to close on the property despite the dispute. We also counsel you on your rights and obligations should you want to walk away from the transaction.

Experienced drafting and litigation of real estate contracts

The real estate contract is the backbone of the transaction. You may have a cause of action if the other party breaches the agreement. As the buyer, you can often demand specific performance to force the sale of the property. Likewise, if you discover a defect in the property, you can seek to have the contract voided or modified to accommodate the defective condition. As the seller, you may be entitled to money damages from a buyer who refuses to close. Our skilled litigators pursue every available remedy you have against the breaching party.

Protecting your rights against foreclosure

Many homeowners in New Jersey are still suffering the effects of the real estate bubble and mortgage improprieties, followed by the economic recession. This challenging situation might put your home in jeopardy.

Our firm can help. Our experienced attorneys review foreclosure documents to identify causes of action against the bank and pursue every remedy available to you. When appropriate, we negotiate with the financial institution to save your home and advocate for your rights in court.

Maneuvering through the area’s complex zoning laws

County zoning laws are designed to protect residents, neighbors and the environment. The large, complex volume of zoning laws covers everything from setbacks and height restrictions on building to how the property may be used by its owner.

Our attorneys can assist you in obtaining a variance to allow you to legally build outside of the zoning parameters should facts warrant it. Conversely, we can help you fight against a variance granted on a neighboring property that could impact your qualify of life or property values.

Representing your interests in landlord-tenant disputes

As a tenant, your landlord must abide by certain legal duties to maintain your rental property and to repair unsafe conditions. In addition, your landlord must comply with New Jersey regulations regarding rents and deposits. Our knowledgeable attorneys represent tenants in disputes over upkeep, leaseholds, rents, failure to return deposits, and evictions. We also represent landlords if a tenant has damaged their property or owes back rent.

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Parsons & Nardelli is available to assist with your next real estate transaction or resolve property disputes that may arise. Call our experienced Red Bank real estate attorneys at 888-309-5589 or contact us online today for a free consultation.

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