Experienced Red Bank Law Firm Assists with Commercial Real Estate Purchases

Skilled counsel for buying and developing commercial property in Central NJ

When investing in commercial real estate, you can benefit from having knowledgeable, professional counsel advising you throughout the transaction. Founded in 1971, Parsons & Nardelli was built on a tradition of hard work, attention to detail, and deep understanding of the law that has made us an institution in Central New Jersey.

We continue to follow these same principles while incorporating advanced technologies and up-to-date methodologies for researching and preparing commercial and residential real estate transactions. Our more than 45 years of litigation experience gives us an edge during negotiations, dispute resolution and trial.

Sound advice for buyers of commercial property

Our firm assists real estate buyers in all types of industries, including retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, factories and offices. We consider the unique set of issues relevant to you, the property and the industry, such as:

Do land use and zoning laws allow for the use you intend?

Before you commit to making the purchase, we carefully review municipal land use codes and zoning ordinances to determine whether your intended use is allowed. We also consider whether we have a good case for requesting a variance to permit the previously prohibited use.

Will you need to obtain special licensures or permitting?

Depending on your business entity, you may need to apply for special licenses or permits to operate it. For example, if you are purchasing a restaurant and wish to sell alcohol, you must apply to the NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control to obtain a liquor license. We may, therefore, include language that conditions the purchase of the space on whether you are granted the appropriate license.

Does the property require an environmental or impact study?

Before developing your land, you may be required to obtain a study to show the impact on the environment, traffic, population density or other issues that affect the community. We explain what you need to do to comply with the regulations and to complete the task efficiently so as not to delay your project.

Supporting your successful real estate development

Most commercial property is not turnkey — you will most likely have to make modifications before you can open for business. At the least, you may need to build out an existing structure to meet your needs. Building on a vacant lot involves additional factors such as construction contracts, financing arrangements, municipal permitting and other legal issues.

Our real estate firm handles all legal aspects of your development project. We negotiate equitable contracts with your contractors, suppliers and workers. We ensure you remain in compliance with relevant zoning, land use, environmental and labor laws. We advise you on resolving disputes with government agencies, contractors and banks. Our skilled attorneys know that time is money, so, throughout the process, we always weigh the costs of delays against efficient resolution of the disputed matter.

Contact our experienced attorneys for help with commercial real estate purchases in New Jersey

Parsons & Nardelli assists buyers in every aspect of a commercial real estate deal, including negotiations, contract drafting, closing and dispute resolution. Call our experienced New Jersey commercial real estate attorneys today at 888.309.5589 or contact us online for a free consultation at our Red Bank office.

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